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The Choice is Clear --
Chan for United States Congress
A research conducted recently reveals the past ten years' controversial voting records of his opponent from NY's tenth
Congressional District and further
contrasts the rationale that the choice is clear - Michael Chan for US Congress
˃  During a period of five years from July 2003 to November 2007, his opponent voted NO five times on implementing/
   promoting free trade with countries in Asia, Australia, Central and South Americas. His opponent's unpopular record
   on trade issues unveils his inconsistency to free trade expansion and impedes the potentials for economic growth;
˃  In 2008 and 2009, his opponent voted YES on all so-called "stimulus package for jobs ..." including $825 billion for
   economic recovery, and "additional anti-recession stimulus". Such spending exceeding $1 trillion has been verified
   as wasteful by the current weak job market and loomed economy;
˃  Worst, in July 2011, his opponent vowed to a 16.8% expansion on debt limits, to $16.7 trillion. This is the source
   jeopardizing more American people to become poverty-stricken.  
Michael has strong grasp of what fiscal responsibility should look like and the solutions to create a
stronger and more fiscally responsible nation.
Michael's strong educational credentials and expertise
with broader visions provides him with the ability and skills necessary to
end wasteful spending, restore and maintain a more strong and prosperous America
. . .
Michael's background in economics is what is needed in Congress to get our nation's fiscal house in order
Michael understands bureaucracy . . . but he is not bureaucratic
Michael is familiar with politics . . . but he is not political
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Michel W Chan, a US House Candidate endorsed by
multiple political parties in 2012, is a former
bank-regulator and former New York University (NYU)
professor, fostering good governance, fiscal
accountability and global peace for a better world.
. . .
For popular demand, Michael would consider to accept
invitations as a
speaker and/or political strategist.
Written requests can be sent to  contact@mwchan.us