Principles and Key Issues
Committee of Friends of Michael Chan
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Committee of Friends of Michael Chan
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*   I believe in fostering good governance by increasing transparency, integrity and accountability.
*   I will strive toward fair representative bureaucracy and uncorrupted government by stressing ethics and administrative
*   I will promote a performance-based government truly for the people and by the people by demanding a standard of
excellence for those in public administration by implementing managerial effectiveness, efficiency, and responsiveness.
- - -
Fiscal and Economic Policy
*   I favor 'small government' that serves in a cost-efficient manner, by closing duplicate and or underperforming bureaus/
departments and reducing workforce, however, I do support expansion of federal spending on infrastructural
projects known as capital investment as means of promoting economic growth and increase of the GDP per capita.
*   I will lower taxes, as fundamentals, to save all Americans, the hardworking people and their families from being
pressed by burdens, thereby generating more revenues for the government from the increase of disposable income and
purchasing power, stimulating our economy and decreasing deficits.
*   I will provide tax incentives for businesses to enable more investments and hiring, thereby getting more people back to
work. I am a strong believer in supply-side economics known as Reagonomics due to Reagan's supply-side economic
policy in the 1980s.
*   I will restore fiscal discipline, lower government expenditures, consolidate and/or slash redundant agencies/programs,
thereby cutting wasteful spending.
*   I am for erasing the budget deficit as quickly and efficiently as possible; balancing the budget is a legislative priority. I
will support a Balancing Budget Amendment to the Constitution mandating a balanced budget with a debt ceiling,
thereby lowering national debt and freeing future generations from debts.
- - - -
Foreign Policy, National Security and World Peace
*   While I support the maintenance of a sufficient military to defend the United States against aggression, the United States
should take a more diplomatic approach for the best interest of the American homeland and abroad.   
*   Taking a more effective diplomacy - by maintaining and developing positive international relations and stronger
ties with our allies - will result in a more peaceful world, thus giving way to more effective restructuring and lowering
the costs associated with homeland security.
- - - -
Banking/Financial Services, Commerce, and Education Policy
*   We should use our geo-political advantages to create more free-trade zones with more nations, like NAFTA established
in 1993, thereby fairly competing the expanding European Union (EU) and lowering our trade deficits.
*   We should also erase our trade deficits by increasing exports both of goods and services, in terms of the GDP and
more closely assessing foreign aids, and US investments abroad/foreign capital investments in the US as well, thereby
our official reserves would be maintained at a more appropriate level.
*   In order to have a competitive edge in the global economy, we MUST have less stringent regulations for
bankers and entrepreneurs
over foreign competitors, which would create more tax revenue and lower the federal deficit
I agree with what President Reagan declared in 1986: "our trade policy rests firmly on the foundation of free and open
markets. I recognize ... the inescapable conclusion that all of history has taught: the freer the flow of world trade, the
stronger the tides of human progress and peace among nations."
*   I favor laissez-faire market and preservation of a climate of reasonable profitability for both large and small businesses,
in fair practices without compromising consumer rights protections.
*   Social and global harmony as well as individual success is attributed to better education. It is imperative to assess
liberal/professional and vocational education and integrate education policy that well prepares students for the future.